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No holiday in Lanzarote would be complete without sampling the obligatory tapas that are on offer throughout the island. Tapas in many ways are the ultimate fast food, presenting the customer with the option of having a tasty snack between meals or skipping dinner entirely by indulging in two or three of these petite dishes.
No one knows the truth about how tapas came into being, but that will not stop people from telling you that it was when recovering from illness King Alfonso X of Castille could only eat small portions. Following his return to health, the King decreed that from then on all drinks should be accompanied by a small dish of food.
A later suggestion in the 18th century suggests that while in the windy port city of Cadiz, King
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Comprising potatoes, carrots, peas and tuna all mixed together in mayonnaise it is hard to find anybody who does not like this refreshing dish.

Papas Bravas:
Translated into English, Papas Bravas means brave potatoes, named because of the very spicy ketchup like sauced that accompanies chunks of deep fried potatoes. Do not be put off by the name, as the Spanish do not in general like spicy dishes and on a heat scale Papas Bravas are on par with a mild to medium curry.
Papas Arrugadas:
Papas Arrugadas is yet another dish in which the humble potato is the hero, except this time it is a dish native to the Canaries. Unpeeled and cooked in very salty water, these wrinkly potatoes are always served with a mojo sauce.
Croquetas come in many varieties, with jamon (ham), setas (mushrooms), bacalao (cod) the main three you will come across. Mixed together with mashed potatoes and a béchamel sauce before being coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried, croquetas are a favourite tapa all over Spain.
Gambas al aljillo
If you love prawns and garlic Gambas al aljillo is the tapa for you. Fresh prawns fried in sizzling garlic infused olive oil with red pepper
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While not a dish native to the Canaries, Paella is regarded as Spain’s national dish with marisco being the seafood rice dish and Valenciana being the most traditional rabbit or chicken dish.
Queso de Cabra
Simply put Queso de Cabra is goat’s cheese.
Originating in the Basque country, a Pincho is the Spanish word for a kebab and is basically any kind of meat, vegetable or seafood grilled on a skewer.
Seta is the term used for wild mushrooms, which when served as tapas are usually fried in olive oil and garlic.
Tempura battered and deep fried baby squid.
Anchovies marinated in vinegar.
Squid which can be ordered a la plancha (fried on the grill) or a la Romana, which is battered and deep, fried.
A meat based stew with potatoes and carrots spiced with paprika and

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