My Love Of Tape Essay

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I have gone through life with an absolute trust in one thing: tape. I believe in tape. Double-sided, scotch, duct, even electrical. It all holds a place close to my heart, and my hands. My unaltered faith in tape has been molded by some of the toughest times of my life. Any time I have ever been low, tape has been the, well, the tape holding everything together. Of course I know there are more powerful forms of adhesives like glue, tacks, or staples, depending on the situation. But the common substitute for any supposedly superior tool is tape. The backbone of society is tape. One thing holding every particle, person, and idea together‒tape. Kurt Cobain said, “The worst crime is faking it,” but I cannot fully agree; my love for tape compels a love for faking…show more content…
When you suddenly become overwhelmed with sorrow. Though there is a moment of panic and anger, tape allows you to restore the past, and it gives the memories back. On days that I am completely knocked down and overwhelmed, there must be something to help; something simple and effortless. When I drag my feet through the door and drift to my room after such a day, tape is holding Jim Morrison and The Beatles up for a glimpse at a better tomorrow. It gives me a split second of music, to ease the awfulness of the previous hours. It gives me my smile, my personality, and my happiness. On days that result in more than emotional pain, if your day does not end in your bed, but in a hospital bed. Any appearance of perfection fades away when you peel away the tape the doctors placed on your skin. As the tape is pulled from your skin, it is a harsh reminder of the pain and grief you had to go through. Although it is difficult, it is necessary too. The reminder of sorrow creates a sense of humbleness. You are taught by that relentless piece of tape, that there is hard times too; that the concept of perfection may never be
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