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The beautiful cloth display of art in homes and dorms are called tapestries. One particular tapestry that stands out to me is “Sunset on Lawia Beach in Poipu Kauai” by Lisa Elliot. The designer is a well-known photographer and tapestry seller located in Washington. Beaches and sunsets are known for relaxation and calming of the body. However, tapestries are also known for relaxing the body so the combination a beach or sunset and a tapestry is perfect. Tapestry beach designs help individuals cope and relax due to the unique features included such as the design, color and shape. The unique design of a beach tapestry calms and relaxes the human body with by it’s welcoming picture of the outstanding details in the beach photograph. This tapestry…show more content…
The photograph include colors such as pinks, purples, grays, whites, blacks, yellows, and oranges. The tapestry displays the beauty of vivid colors that are eye catching. Because of all the colors provided the tapestry has cool and warm colors. Those such as purples and grays are considered cool colors that allows the body to relax. However, there are also warm colors included such as the yellow, pinks and oranges represented in the sun. Warm colors stimulate creativity and express emotions which allows the body to relax and imagine it the beach in real life. A combination of pastel colors are displayed such as pixie pink, pink passion, pale plum, and orchid opulence. Overall, the whole color design is well thought out to relax the body with its color scheme and display of the colors. No one color is used to much or too little which also makes this design unique because it ties in the different…show more content…
When first looking at the photograph, the vivid sunset sticks out along with the rocks, and waves. When looking closely at the design of the rocks on the bottom of the tapestry design the crisp 3-D lines make the rocks seem like they are all stacked and washed up on the shore from the waves. The rocks are also a platform made out of all shapes and sizes of rocks. In the sky, thick rolling clouds are forming as the sunset sets. The calm waves have the reflection of the sunset as it continues to fall. Towards the shore, waves become more rapid and the depth decreases. The shape of the waves also helps one imagine the sound of the waves hitting the shore while the body begins to relax and meditate. The calm movement in the beach photograph tapestry provides comfort and relaxes the body. Calm movements compared to fast movements are more likely to put someone into meditation especially with a photograph that can easily be imagined in real life. Next time when a tapestry is displayed somewhere, relate to what may be going on and take in all the vibes from the cloth tapestry. Multiple designs in tapestries mean different things. The designs are used for multiple reasons some include relaxation, happiness, reflection of life, and some are used to help with stress along with depression. When looking at a beach and sunset usually people feel happy and relaxed and can imagine being on a beach which

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