Tara Jones Case Summary

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Tara Jones is a 16-year-old female who has been mandated by Alberdene County Court to Smith Center for Youth, residential facility, after running away from her current foster care placement with Ms. Judy Boot. Tara has come in involuntarily stating that she does not want to live in a residential facility and would rather hold residence with her maternal aunt, Sally Johnson. Tara feels that her behavior “is no big deal.” Smith Center for Youth will be closing and Tara will need to be transferred over to another residential facility, Tanner House. Her family therapist, Ida Dogoode, has behavioral concerns Tara that are present that lead to a questionable successful transfer. Background Information Tara identifies herself as an African American…show more content…
Currently she is residing at Smith Center for Youth, however the facility will be closing in June and she will be residing at Tanner House. Tara currently does not have a job and has indicated that she worries about her future when becoming 18. According to the Alberdene Health Center where Tara attended for a physical, she is within normal height, weight, and blood pressure range for her age. Tara has tested positive for Gonorrhea and was given antibiotics. She has declined wanting birth control. Tara has no diagnosed mental health disorders on file. She denies any usage of drugs or alcohol, however her foster care mother has stated that on multiple occasion Tara’s has returned home intoxicated while out with her 25-year-old boyfriend. Tara has two siblings, a younger brother (Theo Jones) and an older brother (Dan Jones), whom she has indicated that the latter has sexually abused her from the age of 9 until age of 11 when her mother
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