Tarantino's Impact On Culture

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HIP-HOP,BLAXPLOITATION AND ITS IMPACTS ON THE CULTURE AND MOVIES It 's crucial to mention that Tarantino is a product of the hip-hop generation. Hip-hop an another important cultural phenomenon which took America by the storm in 70 's was discovered in black neighbourhoods of Bronx, New York. Black people couldn 't relate to rock and roll elite culture which was prominent in the American society at the times. In the ghetto parties at Bronx DJ 's invented this new music by remixing and resampling the existing music and creating beats out of them. This re-sampling created music which was far more visceral and energetic. This outcome of re-sampling the old was something entirely new. There is a saying that Hip-Hop didn 't create anything, but it re-invented everything. We see this re-sampling and re-assembly in Tarantino 's movies very often. His movies are the mixture of genres. The way in which he borrows from movies of Goddard to old Westerns and uses those influences in his movies by appropriating them creates something entirely new in terms of content and style. However, when counting on the influence of Hip-Hop on Tarantino 's films, it would not be appropriate only to count this…show more content…
' It 's interesting to see how much Tarantino resamples from different genre movies into his own movies. We all know that Tarantino is a cinephile and a movie nerd. It would be important to start from his use of music in his stylistic titles sequences or opening sequence of every film. All his movies from 'Reservoir Dogs ' to 'Hateful Eight ' have very peculiar audio-visual styles for the opening sequences. Use of music in his movies is another topic of discussion. Once in the interview, Tarantino mentioned that most of the times he listens to the music before even thinking about visuals of the film. Music serves as a source of inspiration to the rhythm of his visuals especially for his title sequence in the opening(Quentin Tarantino Interviews, 2013, University Press

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