Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds: Fact Or Fiction?

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Inglourious Basterds is an unconventional fairy tale based off of historical events during World War II. Similar to Tarantino’s other movies, the border between fact and fiction is often blurred. The beginning of the movie begins with the lines, “Once Upon a Time…in Nazi-occupied France.” To most people, the expression Once Upon a Time is a reference to a fairy tale or a modern day Disney movie. These tales contain fictional characters and happily ever after endings. However, Tarantino doesn’t always create movies with happy endings. In the original ending for True Romance, all the main characters EXCEPT for Alabama Worley died. Tony Scott changed the gloomy ending, creating an ending that would be a better fit for a fairy tale. Clarence and Alabama Worley both survive and they live happily ever after. Fredrick Zoller is a…show more content…
He disagrees with this assumption by saying “I’m more than just a uniform.” Fredrick says this in order to separate himself from the dreadful German stereotypes. Spiritually he has the same beliefs as Sergeant Alvin York, who contemplates joining the war because of his non-violent beliefs and his desire to serve his country [5]. French citizens, such as Emmanuelle, are quick to judge based on the moral character of Germany’s diplomatic leader. A known assumption is all of the German soldiers are ruthless and brutal. He breaks the stereotype by telling her about his family growing up. At a young age, his father disappeared and his mother died. He was raised by his older sister Helga, who reminds him of her. Fredrick tells her these stories in order to make him look like less of a villain and more human. Presumably, similar to Audie Murphy, he joined the military to honor his mother’s life. This is important because he didn’t join the army because he believed in Hitler’s propaganda. Instead, he wanted to make his mother proud while earning a steady
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