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Hundreds gathered at Leicester 's town Hall for a vigil to remember an Auburn police officer killed Sunday. WATCH LIVE: FOX25 News at 10 SCROLL FOR VIDEO Officer Ronald Tarentino, 42, was shot during a traffic stop. He was rushed to the hospital Sunday, but died due to his injuries. He leaves behind a wife and children children. One of his three children is in the military and the other two attend Leicester High School, said family friends. One is set to graduate with this year 's senior class. >>RELATED: Auburn police officer shot and killed early Sunday morning Tarentino grew up in Tewksbury, according to a neighbor, and attended Tweksbury High School. He was 42 years old and had transferred from the Leicester Police Department two years ago, where he was a current …show more content…

"He got along with everybody...he was always smiling. I never once received one complaint," he said. Friends&complete strangers are starting to gather in front of a Leicester funeral home. Here to honor Ron Tarentino. pic.twitter.com/axwuDLCnR3 — Malini Basu (@WFXTMalini) May 22, 2016 Friends are devastated by Tarentino 's death. "He 's Ron, vintage Ron, great sense of humor. The kind of guy you want to go out and have a good time with," said Bob Pingeton. Tarentino was a regular at Mikes Donut Shop, says the owner, Ann Hunt. She now cherishes his "Top Cop" coffee mug that he would drink out of every day. There was even a sandwich named after him in town at the restaurant. "It 's a meat sandwich, it comes on a doughnut. That was their big thing. It 's on our menu," she said. Memories are all they have left now of they 're caring, hardworking friend. "He cared about people. He was a true human being that cared that 's what really stinks about all of this. It 's someone that doesn 't care," said Hunt. His body was taken from the Medical Examiner 's office in Boston to a Leicester

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