Case Study: Target Corporation

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Process and tools Target Corporation uses tolls and process for product safety and quality assurance. The company assesses a program for risk –based product safety and quality at every stage in the product life cycle, from development through the life of brand product. Target global team implement a program across 36 countries and 2228 factories producing target product, during the process will require independent third-party testing to validate safety and quality before the guests purchase product. the vendor in the company are expected to employ best practices, including clearly defined and well-documented manufacturing and quality processes including staff training , and record keeping. What does the TC required to do the job? Training…show more content…
Target encourages the workplace by enhancing the individuality of the staff and employee, upward communication, weekly meetings, embrace team member differences. Performance planning Performance planning one of the most important knowledge that the employee should have, including the consideration of: Result Employee in TC can interact more efficiently because the employee are fully motivated to work, the company hired only the most qualified candidate , after hiring the employee involve the training program to be more fit to the job skills . Behavior TC holds job fairs at university, college and other training institution. While doing this, they conduct various career conversations and interview with people in that institution, the recruiting panel at Target Corporation also attends organized networking events to enable them access to diversified candidates. Development plan TC plan its future through customer satisfaction the company assess a strategy to offer the customer with ,low price, high quality , well designed merchandise ,comfortable ,fun , and safe shopping environment…show more content…
Performance Review: Review process ensures that leaders and team members meet regularly to discuss strengths and development opportunities. Many team members meet with their leader four times a year to discuss business goals, performance, development and career goals, and all team members participate in a formal performance review once a year. Feedback Employee feedback is the core of personal and professional growth at Target Company, Feedback can help an employee get better at what they do, and surprisingly employees crave feedback. The company provide the employee with continues feedback, as a return the employee being more commitment and aware of all the job

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