Target Corporation Essay

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George Draper Dayton was working in a bank and also in real estate field before entering the world of the Midwest markets. Dayton decided to open his Company in Minneapolis, because it was known that this area would help him have faster and better opportunities. In fact, he bought a land on Nicollet Avenue and opened his first Dayton Dry Goods Company in 1902, who is now known to be Target Corporation. Dayton was known to be a really respectful and a generous businessman, who dedicated his time to his Company. Dayton Company was focusing on a range of services and goods. After passing away in 1938, his sons and grandson took over the Company. Not long after, Dayton Dry Goods Company became a nationwide retailer. In 1953, the company started to sell furnishing and…show more content…
The director of Publicity Stewart K Widdess came up with the name Target. Target was the perfect name because as Stewart said “As a marksman 's goal is to hit the center bulls-eye, the new store would do much the same in terms of retail goods, services, commitment to the community, price, value and overall experience." Therefore, the name was now going to be Target. The first Target opened in May 1, 1962 in Roseville. Target image is that customers are proud to go, and they have created a certain trust between customer and the Company. Target goal is to have quality products that will have low prices. Target kept expanding and kept working on their products. In fact, they opened their own distribution center. In 1979, Target attained $ 1 billion in annual sales. They have by now 74 stores in 11 states, and they wants to keep opening other Target. In 2005, Target surpasses $ 50 billion annual sales. Today Target has 1799 stores in the United States and has 38 distribution centers in the United States. As of today Target is worth $ 72.6 billion and is ranked to be the 92 World’s Most Valuable
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