Target Corporation Ingredients For Life Case Study

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Target Corporation: "Ingredients for life"

Life is made of a lot diverse things that assure it harmony. Those things are physical and non-physical, but our need seem to be today accented on the material. It seems like the human motivation described by Abraham Maslow is no longer topical, the only motivation is to satisfy physical needs, and companies have understood this, that why material innovation is at the heat of our social life constantly. Each day come with a new thing, new service, the main “social slogan” is around making life much easier and convenient, getting our need satisfy no matter what they are.

‘’Ingredients for life’’ summarize just that. The web site, demonstrate that Target Corporation (or Target stores) is The Place to get your need satisfy, or to complete your life with all you need. Efforts are focused around consumer’s satisfaction and well-being, which is archived by three main missions:

◾Creating a positive guest experiences
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Target management think that by providing ways for them to stay healthy with programs like 24 hour nurse hotline, free flu vaccinations, and free tobacco cessation support. Is the way to invest in their team members. Healthy options in target cafeterias and well-being center and physical wellness facilities are also created.

The financial health of target team members was launched to help them to take care of their financial status. Target believe that when the employees have their finance in order they can focus in the things that really in the job.

Target Corporation missions don’t stop only with its employees and their working conditions and wellbeing but it goals and missions expand insides the communities. Target is also present in the communities, they claim to be concerned by the people who live in those communities, and support them in different

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