Target Corporation: SWOT Analysis Of Target

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I. Strengths of TARGET Corporation Target Corporation is one of the largest and oldest public discount retailing company operate in the United States. The company founded in 1902’s by George Dayton (as also known as Dayton Dry Goods in 1962’s). Target store has a huge store footprint and enjoys considerable brand recognition. Target’s portfolio of owned and exclusive brands is also its strength, which allow retailer to a valuable differentiating lover in high competitive retail environment. The company is a well-established and recognized brand name that is highly respected by customers after Walmart for the discounted retails of the item displayed. Target is viewed as a fun place to shop such like position as IKEA; people can play around, visiting, even snapshots around the store and Target are welling for this. As Target employees are more than 365,000 employees and has approximately 1800 stores, they are in good relationship with customers and create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers, so that has built a high level of brand loyalty. REDCARD and Cartwheel are the discount programs of the company, which offering cardholders to get a 5% of discount on almost all purchases made using the card. Target has its own Omni-channel model (company’s store network) which made customers more convenience begin their item searches on mobile devices and a greater fulfillment options including delivery and store pickup. The online assortment available on Target’s websites

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