Swot Analysis Of Target Corporation

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I. Strengths of TARGET Corporation Target Corporation is one of the largest and oldest public discount retailing company operate in the United States. The company founded in 1902’s by George Dayton (as also known as Dayton Dry Goods in 1962’s). Target store has a huge store footprint and enjoys considerable brand recognition. Target’s portfolio of owned and exclusive brands is also its strength, which allow retailer to a valuable differentiating lover in high competitive retail environment. The company is a well-established and recognized brand name that is highly respected by customers after Walmart for the discounted retails of the item displayed. Target is viewed as a fun place to shop such like position as IKEA; people can play around,…show more content…
The company has introduce its new time off program and thinks that employees will be pleased by the changes. Vacation, national holidays, personal days and well-being time are accrued based on the length of service, position and hours worked. The old time off policies are no longer in effect and that the new time off program is the entire. Target gives eligible employees the flexibility to use time off as they choose, and at the meanwhile employees can receive well-being time for things like health appointments, financial planning or volunteer activities. Target value employees’ well-being and encourage work-life balance. Help them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Supporting them take time for vacation and personal holiday plan time to recharge, rejuvenate and celebrate. Target offers paid vacation so that employees can spend time with their family and friends. Target also cares a lot of employees’ personal holidays, which is designed to provide additional time off to celebrate days that are important to them such as anniversaries and birthday not observed by Target. This benefit has ins and outs of eligibility and accrual, Target uses the Annual Benefits Eligibility Calculation (ABEC) to determine benefit eligibility based on an employees’ average hours for benefits eligibility purposes. This is one of the example of Target Time-Off Program…show more content…
The major drawback is the tendency to backload benefits, while defined plans typically take into account future salary increases in their funding (thus spreading their effect over many years), Target financial benefits plans do not recognize future increases in advance. In other words, as an employee’s years of service and generally his/her salary will be increase, the fund has to make up a lot of ground as the employee draws closer to retirement age. When back loading effect of the hybrid financial plan is carefully communicated to employees, it can be powerful incentive for individuals to delay retirement or continue employment. As Target offering TGT 401(K) to employees, it should be make sure you understand the disadvantages of this option, and ask your own financial advisor whether the Target TGT 401(K) makes sense for
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