Target Corporation Social Responsibilities

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Michael Abraha Analyzing Community Social Responsibilities Target Corporations is a retailer whose operations involve offering discounted, high quality, and trending merchandise. Such merchandise is retailed at attractive prices in guest-friendly, clean, and spacious stores. The company deals with a variety of food brands such as “Archer Farms”, home collections, food, and pets’ supplies, households, home decor and furnishing, clinics, pharmacy services alongside other services. The biggest community social responsibilities of the industry include protecting the environment, promoting healthy living, promoting community education, and volunteerism. Companies in the industry address the mentioned issues by offering quality products, offering fresh and eco-friendly sustainable products, and trying to sustain transparency of their products. Other measures to address such issues are sponsoring education and health promotions. Many of the companies in the industry are relatively successful in addressing such issues while compared to the success of Target Corporation.…show more content…
Target Corporation has a common goal of all its community Social responsibilities in that it has concern for everyone within the company and the community. The CSR issues Target Corporation addresses include donations for education, community work, focusing on the environment, and a focus on healthy living. Other issues targeted are diversification of supplies, fighting child labor by collaborating with the "Good We Are" company and promoting an eco-friendly setting. Target also has a cleanliness by design goal that aims at reducing environmental impacts from supplies to the
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