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When I have a bad day I go to Target, a.k.a the holy mecca of America. I 've loved Target ever since I was a little girl. Some people like costco or even walmart, but I am a Target fan hands down. When I got my first car, my target trips became much more frequent. I 'd spend hours just walking up and down the aisles, admiring everything the store has to offer. I 'm not sure if I can even explain how much it means to me. Not only do I go when I 'm having a bad day, I 'll go when I am having a great day, or even an okay day. I go when I need to kill time or even to avoid other things I don 't want to do. I 'll go to see the new home decor for the upcoming season, smell the different candles there, feel how soft the quilts are, walk past the CD’s to remind myself that it 's not the 90’s anymore and I shouldn 't buy more CD’s, I 'll head over two aisle down and look at the cook books to convince myself that i 'm…show more content…
So you might be wondering why I go so much. Well I blame that on the city I live in. Where I 'm from, Albuquerque, the most common phrase I hear is “There 's nothing to do here.” I am one of those many people that complain about that. I definitely think it could be way worse than what it is, but I feel that everything there is to do in my town I have done and I feel trapped. Infact so many people feel trapped in Albuquerque, the people that live here changed the slogan of the city from “The Land of Enchantment” to “The Land of Entrapment.” Don 't get me wrong I love where I am from and I think it is beautiful here. Growing up here has made me who I am today. I 've grown to appreciate the stunning sunsets that happen every night, the amazing weather, driving and seeing the trees along the river turn more orange each day in the fall, seeing the Sandia Mountains when I wake up in the morning, and of course the wide variety of targets in this city. Being raised in Albuquerque has taught me to make the most of everything and appreciate the
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