Target Marketing: Target Market Decision-Making Process

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Target Market Decision-Making Process
1. Problem Recognition (Awareness of needs): In thoughts of health products, consumers would will link with the brand ‘OSIM’ as for it well-known reputation brand against other competitors. It is great for not just personal usage, it is one of the best choice as a gifts to parents, especially during special occasion such as birthday celebration, mother day, father day, festive season.
This will be the input stage that cause influences that may cause the need recognition stage.

2. Information Search: In the process stage where consumers could search online for information, through their corporate websites, forums groups, social networking sites, YouTube or google search for product reviews/advertisements
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Post-Purchase Behavior: This is where consumers feedback on the products if it has met the end-user expectation. Has the pricing paid was valued for money and if the products features has been well-utilized to meet what was promised to users.
For consumer that was dissatisfied with the product, she/he may complain to their relatives and friends about the purchases which may impact on the company. Whereas, company could allow a 7 days exchange policies and trade in services.

Two Social Influences on Buying Behaviour
Sociocultural environment that influences buying behavior which include on family, informal sources, noncommercial sources, social class, subculture and culture. Two of the influences will mainly be family and social class. Family has a direct influences can exert strong influence on the consumer’s buying behavior.

As OSIM products are pricy that tends to view as luxury health care products. As this, people who could purchase their uDivine massage chair be price as an affluent individual who could afford the luxury, therefore was label as a higher class in social standing

Two Psychological Influences on Buying
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Regular promotional activities are also conducted in-line with the festive seasons promotion by providing consumers with greater discounts and cost savings through the collaboration with credit card companies and offering 0% interest free installments.

Place Strategy: OSIM has several store outlets that are located at shopping malls that have high traffic volume and crowd.

Promotion Strategy: To attain revenue growth, OSIM uses the integrated marketing communication strategy such as TV commercial advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relation and publicity to promote the brand image and products.

They has proactively engaging heathy image and well-known celebrities’ ambassador to promote their brand and products. On top of that, they regularly introduce festive discount bundle package and cross-sell their products in store via their experience and train sales executives.

Social media platform such as; Facebook, Instagram, blogger website, online websites was also one of their successful promotion

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