Target Market In The Hotel Industry

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2.Target Markets
Hotel targets many markets and can be classified according to the markets they attempt to attract their guests. Common type of markets include business, airport, suites, residential, resort , timeshare , casino , convention and conference hotels .
• Business Hotels: - These hotels are the largest group of hotel types and they primarily cater to business travellers and usually located in downtown or business districts . Although Business hotels primarily serves business travellers , many tour groups, individual tourists and small conference groups find these hotels attractive. Guest amenities at business hotels may include complimentary newspapers, morning coffee, free local telephone calls , Break fast etc.
• Airport Hotels:
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Such hotels have a living room and a separate bedroom. Professionals such as accountants, lawyers, business men and executives find suite hotels particularly attractive as they can work and also entertain in an area besides the bedroom.
• Extended Stay Hotels: - Extended stay hotels is somewhat similar to the suite hotels , but usually offers kitchen amenities in the room . These kind of hotels are for longstayers who wants to stay more than a week and does not want to spend on hotel facilities.
• Serviced Apartments: - Serviced Apartment / Residential hotels provide long-term or permanent accommodation for Guest. Usually guest makes a lease agreement with the hotel for minimum of one month up to a year. Rooms generally include living room , bedroom, kitchen , private balcony , washing machines , kitchen utensils etc. Unlike normal hotels Serviced apartment only provide weekly one housekeeping service.
• Resort Hotels: - Resort hotels are usually located in the mountains, on an island , or in some other exotic locations away from city's . These hotels have recreational facilities , scenery , golf , tennis , sailing , skiing and swimming . Resort hotels provide enjoyable and memorable guest experiences that encourage guest to repeat to the
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These are sometimes referred to as " Vacation-interval" hotels . Timeshare hotels are where the guests who purchase the ownership of accommodations for a specific period.These owners may also have the unit rented out by the management company that operates the hotel.
• Casino Hotels :- Hotels with gambling facilities are called Casino Hotels .Although the food and beverage operations in casino is luxurious their functions is secondary to and supportive of casino operations.
• Conference and Convention Centres: - These type of hotels focus on meeting and conferences and overnight accommodation for meeting attendees. They also provide video conferencing facility, audiovisual equipment, business services , flexible seating arrangements , flipchart etc. These hotels mostly located outside the metropolitan areas and have facilities like golf , swimming pools , tennis courts , fitness centres , spas etc.
3. Levels Of service
• World class service: - These are also called luxury / Five Start hotels , they target top business executives, entertainment celebrities , high- ranking political figures, and wealthy clientele as their primary markets . They provide upscale restaurants and lounges , Valet, concierge services and also private dining facilities

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