Target Market In The Philippines

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Executive Summary
Company description
Project prints is a shirt printing business. It specializes in customized shirt printing wherein the customers can send the designs that they prefer whether it’s statements or any graphic images. The firm offers unique designs that will capture the design preferences of the market. The target market of the firm are the students and people who are working in a corporate set-up. The students are the people who are studying in universities around Manila, the firm will be supplying for class shirts and for events that are happening inside and outside the campus such as basketball competition and cheerdance competitions from different universities. The firm also has a graphic designer that will be
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Market research


For the city of Manila, the researcher gathered the historical data indicated above and forecasted it for the potential target market of the business. It can be seen that there is a gradual increase in the continuing years as stated in 2000-2007 but decrease can be seen during 2010. The minimal growth in Manila’s population can indicate that people may have found the city very crowded since there are more establishments that are built, they may have moved to other nearby place in NCR. Nonetheless, the city of manila still remains as the one of the most populous cities in the country.

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In this pie chart, it shows that there are 80.6% which composes of 129 female respondents and 19.4% which composes of 21 male respondents. Sizing and design tend to differ as female and male’s perspective tend to differ that’s why it’s better to offer products that are unisex but it still depends on the customer which is their preferred design.

2. Age

Out of the 160 respondents, the highest percentage belongs to the age range 13-19. Second largest group are from age ranges 20-30. Lastly on the list, only a few are 31 and above, taking up only a mere 5% of the totality.
3. Employment status

In this pie chart, it shows that the employment status of the respondents consists of 68.1% students, 21.3% are employed, 5% self-employed, and 5.6% unemployed. It is apparent that the students take the large portion of the pie chart.

4. Price expectation

The shows that 35.6% of the pie chart consists of respondents who are willing to pay 150-200 pesos for a shirt, 33.8% are expecting to pay for 201-250 pesos, 21.3% for 251-300 pesos, 3% are expecting to pay for 351 pesos and above. The data gathered indicates that the proposed business can have a guide in putting the right pricing that is within the budget of the customers since the target market are mostly students. From the data gathered in the age category, most of the respondents answered that they are from the 13-19 age group with an employment status as students, it shows that the pricing of the shirts

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