Summary: Target Market

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Target Market The typical and most devoted coffee drinkers are 25 to 45 year old, prosperous, educated adults. Specialty products appeals to various adult demographics, including college students and young adults. UK & Ireland coffee consumption has shown steady growth, with specialty teas/coffees and foods having the strongest growth. Dublin, with its liberal and outgoing population and long rainy winter, has traditionally been a great place for coffee institutions. HealthTea Café will strive to build a loyal customer base by offering a great tasting coffee in a relaxing environment of its café located in the heart of Dublin City Centre. HealthTea Café will focus on three markets: there exists three unique types of consumer; take-away,…show more content…
The profitability of HealthTea Café will be determent by the ability to secure prime locations, drive store traffic, and deliver high quality products while savouring a relaxing atmosphere. Large companies have advantages in marketing, finance, and purchasing. HealthTea Café can compete efficiently by offering specialised products, serving a local market, or providing a personal level of customer service. Market Trends Over two decades ago a trend towards more unique coffees began to develop, there has always been specialty cafes, but people began to buy coffee machines for their homes and offices, and people began to have coffee tastings, espresso bars followed where people became adapted to the smell of coffee and up popped café shops in volumes. The market trend is headed toward a more cultured customer in many ways: • Food quality: the preference for higher-quality ingredients is being strengthened as customers are being exposed to a growing number of alternatives. • Quality conversation: Consumers are recognising intellectual discussions can be had in cafe surroundings and would prefer this in comparison to a public house. • Access to meeting people: A great place to arrange to meet…show more content…
Although there is an increase in productivity it could mean a loss of identity which focuses on a distinct essence in HealthTea Café. HealthTea Café will educate the consumers on all its products, its ingredients, quality variances, and about the activities in the market, such as Fair Trade, green teas or organic coffee. This could be valuable for developing a relationship with the consumers which in turns leads to superior brand loyalty. Well-versed customers are able to make educated conclusions and will be less expected to switch. Additionally this education might persuade consumers to pay a higher amount for diverse and healthier products. The trend of firmer regulations in the industry have begun, e.g. new organic rules and is anticipated to become even more stark in the future which emphasises the fact that HealthTea Café will have to liaise with their traders in order to control the quality of their products along the value chain. We should contribute mainly for ethical reasons in campaigns such as Fair Trade. In addition, if these social movements gain more devotion in the market, we could also benefit from the encouraging public relation associated with the social commitment and
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