Target Patton: The Plot To Assassinate General George S. Patton

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Robert K. Wilcox provides key information in his book, Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton, about what exactly happen to General George S. Patton. Wilcox is mostly known for his military type books, but he is also a screenwriter and journalist. Along with Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton, Wilcox wrote many other books: Japan’s Secret war, Scream of Eagles, Black Aces High, Wings of Fury, and First Blue. Not only has Wilcox appeared on the History Channel, he has also appeared on Oliver North’s War Stories along with many radio shows. Wilcox approaches his subject in an appropriate manner. He gives inside details about Patton’s professional and personal life without crossing any lines. Wilcox also provides information about the events that went on within World War II, his views on them, and what happen after the war. He gives readers information on the events that happen on the fateful day in December 1945 and the horrific plan to murder General George S. Patton. Many see that the car accident that…show more content…
This event not only shined a light on American History but also World History. Remembering the actions of the U.S. during World War II is important. It formed the geopolitical environment which lasted for half a century and ended in the Cold War. Wilcox not only exposes different personalities throughout the book, he also exposes intrigue, plots, and sub-plots. Wilcox gives us very detailed information, however, he never admits if Patton was murdered nor did he deny it. The proof is indirect. Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton is a very suspenseful book, it leaves you at the edge of your seat waiting for more. It is very different from most books that are written about history and is definitely worth the read. Anyone that is learning about History should read this
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