Target Pharmacy Application Essay

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I can easily say my 2 years of experience with the pharmacists I worked with at Target Pharmacy have propelled me towards this field. Pharmacists are the vital link between a medical practitioner and a patient, so it is imperative that the relationship is built on trust, ensures patient safety and also focuses on customer service. I credit my motivation to study pharmacy with an emphasis on community pharmacy, to my work as a pharmacy technician at Target Pharmacy. Pharmacy in the retail environment involves the interaction of regular visiting patients and also new patients which requires providing exceptional care, private counseling and health care, all of which pique my interest in this branch of health care. Health care promotion is a vital branch of pharmacy because it…show more content…
Advocacy, health care promotion and community involvement are important roles a pharmacist needs to uphold and I plan on doing my part. My biology based undergraduate career also played a major role in my interest in the science behind our healthcare. In my biology labs, learning about the various types of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses, amongst other microorganisms and how the different antibiotics worked to destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria was intriguing. It also led me to do a bit of personal research regarding the excessive use of antibiotics by pharmacists and medical practitioners alike, and how this has subsequently led to the more evolved super antibiotic resistant bacteria alive today. The discovery of these antibiotic resistant bacteria, hopefully will indicate the need to use restraint, and control the use of antibiotics, which may ultimately lead to the development of alternative methods and drugs to stop bacterial infections. Working as a registered pharmacy technician in the state of Florida, I have the opportunity to witness firsthand what it is like being a
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