Target Store Incident Case Study

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This case involves an unknown suspect(s) taking the victim’s purse, and stealing items from inside, in violation of PC 484(a)-Petty Theft.
The location is the Target store located at 777 E. Colorado Boulevard. The incident occurred in aisle #38-cleaning products on the first level of the store.
• Video surveillance of the suspect.
• Photo.
• A black wallet (worth $10.00) which contained: $146.00 in US currency, a California driver’s license, Social Security Card, a single house key and a Medicare insurance card.
• A black cellular telephone (unknown make/model), worth $40.00.
• A white/gold Samsung cellular telephone, worth $130.00.
On 04-03-16 at 1733 hours, I was dispatched to 777 E. Colorado Boulevard regarding a petty theft investigation. Upon my arrival, I met with Victim Marie Rose Attar, who told me the following information in summary:
On 04-03-16 at approximately 1600 hours, Attar was in aisle
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I contacted the Target Store, Loss Prevention Officer Medina inside of the store. Medina showed me video surveillance of the incident. Medina advised me that aisle #38 does not have video surveillance. I saw the suspect, later determined to be a female Black with Attar’s purse in the accessories section of the store. The suspect was walking through the section while going through Attar’s purse. I then saw the suspect drop the purse in the accessories section and walk toward the front cash registers. The video surveillance then captured the suspect walking out of the front door (north) of the store, NFD.
I saw that the suspect was wearing a grey long sleeve shirt, light blue shorts and black tennis shoes (see attached photo). Medina gave me a copy of the video surveillance on a CD disc.
I returned to the police station and placed the CD disk of the video surveillance into evidence.
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