Targeting New Transitions: Case Study

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Targeting New Transitions has to collect research about its product to prove its effectiveness. Through this data the SBU can see how the children are learning and which way they are learning is most effective. The program can consist of the child going through a four-week period of learning and at the end of those four weeks there will be a test and a response to how he or she felt their learning progress. Having to test the students consistently can show where they are at in the learning process. If there is anything wrong with the process, it can be quickly identified and solved so the child can be placed right back on track. Giving each child a survey to answer uses casual research to find how one factor influences another. Through the survey, the academic coaches can see if the child is stressed or confused with the amount of work. If the way the…show more content…
Through this funding the company can grow exponentially and be spread throughout the country. It will bring many more opportunities to students who are struggling in school and need extra attention. Also, these private investors would help improve operations and tighten management (Private Investors for Startup Small Business). This will allow Targeting New Transitions to expand their own resources to helping a child. Target New Transitions does not have to be publicly traded, but can gather investors that are genuinely interested in funding and supporting educational resources for children. Although this would be a great opportunity, the company might be inclined to have price for the product. Although this may be the case, private high school institutions may include it in their tuition payments and have a monthly payment set for Target New Transitions. Private schools can fund this through taxes that the city pays. That way, every child would have accessibility towards furthering and creating interest in their

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