Target's Business Strategy Essay

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The Department Stores industry is a highly competitive retail industry. The level of competition is so intense. Not only these competitors produce similar products, but also offer same services to consumers. In order to excel its business and social image in the world, each firm has used a unique effective strategy to maintain its position in the overall market industry. Target Business Strategy: Differentiation Strategic Position: Like almost every company operates in the industry, it is true that Target competes by offering low prices and maximizing savings; however, that is not exactly what they are trying to sell. People go to Target not only to shop, but also because of the experience. Target’s strategy is to deliver a preferred shopping…show more content…
By focusing on having numerous locations for accessibility and assessing customers’ needs, Wal-Mart has been able to sustain a competitive advantage in the industry. The company leverages its massive size to exert high purchasing power over its suppliers and, therefore, it can obtain significant cost savings and pass them down to consumers with heavily discounted prices. (Britanny Carter) They also offer a large variety of products, including national, local, and private brands, giving extended choices to their customers. Competencies: Walmart’s ability in procurement is very strong. Keeping prices low, and even matching competitors’ prices are ways that helped them become the common choice retailer for any ordinary households. By employing marketing tactics and heavy advertising, they make sure consumers receive the best price for their items and are well aware of it. They also possess sustained supply chain relationships that save them capital for developing new stores and improving their online presence and e-commerce, all of which add to their sustainability. JCPenny Company,
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