Target's Growth Strategy Case Study

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Target’s growth strategy is to spread to more locations with their new plan to open city Targets and such. One thing that has made them especially successful was having designers make product lines just for the store. They care about the customers and understand their needs. The Dayton’s Foundation was founded to return services to the community that has helped their business thrive. An underground store was created to offer cheaper – but still high quality – goods during the times of the depression. When customers started moving to the suburbs, Dayton followed and opened the first shopping mall. Target was later created to be a discount store that targeted families. The retail mix was a low price, convenient locations in suburbs, and a wide…show more content…
The combination of retails and entertainment has made it very success. The best stores are invited to be located there. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to open a store or kiosk there. Their location is near an international airport which supports tourists coming to visit. The Mall of America is always changing to try and keep things fresh and exciting. There are endless activities that can be done at this mall, and people just keep coming back. New facilities being added should not be a duplicate of what they already have. The obvious would be to not have two Macy’s within the same mall. Adding another theme park will steal customers from the Nickelodeon one already there. Even though it is a fresh change, the benefits are not worth it. They should also add unique businesses. Finding entrepreneurs to create and sell new products like none else will attract more customers especially if the business is successful. Having well-known and well-established retailers having stores is important as well. Managers should focus on different things when trying to attract local residents and tourists. Local residents are not really concerned about the mall being Disneyland or Las Vegas of Minnesota. Having live shows daily, DIY craft demonstrations, and other interactive activities or performances will attract people from the local metropolitan area to come. Most of them have downtime after work or on the weekends and will come to the mall for fun activities that do not have to be huge. Tourists will usually only visit places that are landmarks within the city or state. The large Lego play area is incredible and can only be found at that mall. Similar attractions, such as having the world’s largest chocolate fountain or best burger joint, will also attract more tourists. Major annual events, like the iHeart Radio Festival or international hot dog eating competition, can be invited to be hosted in the mall to bring in more customers during

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