Target's Overall Positioning Strategy

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7-2. As stated in the text consumer and business marketers use many of the same variables to segment their markets. Consumer marketers can be segmented geographically (nations, regions states countries etc.), demographically (age, life-cycle stage, gender, income etc.) and psychographically (social class, lifestyle and personality) as well as in a behavioral base (benefits, user status, usage rate etc.). While business marketers use some of the same variables business marketers can be segmented by business operating characteristics, situational and personal characteristics. 7-4. Explain how company differentiates its products form competitors’ products. Companies differentiates it products by creating competitive advantage and creating an overall positioning strategy. Companies choose from the “five winning” propositions, which is more for more, more for same, same for less, less for much less and more for less. Then they’ll choose the position to market and then they’ll deliver it better than their competitors. 7-5. Discuss the criteria that should be evaluated in determining which differences a company should promote in its products. A company difference should satisfy the following: Important. The difference delivers a high valued benefit to target buyers. Distinctive. Competitors do not offer the difference, or the company can…show more content…
As stated in the text not only do Target’s store brand offer products at cheaper price but they are also offering healthier products as well. Also Target’s food brands focuses on products that customers wouldn’t mind purchasing even if it’s not name brand such as snacks, coffee and diary. Why purchase a product that tastes the same as “name brand “product that cost way more? Also 80% of all shoppers believe that Target’s store brands are equal to or better than national brands in terms of quality. Their food brands are cheaper with good quality. Who doesn’t want a good
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