Analysis Of Tarkovsky's Mirror Film 'Sealed Time'

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You can call it a movie review or a poetry analysis. This is more about how you consider Tarkovsky’s art of cinema. Connoisseur of the poetic cinema, Mirror film of the Russian director Tarkovsky consists of memorable moments in his personal life and referral to persons, as mentioned in his book “Sealed Time”.
Mirror is a tale of nature, based on the immortality of motherhood, widowhood and the role of the mother.
The sharp riddles attract the utmost attention in Mirror, like other Tarkovsky films. Since Tarkovsky uses his camera together with nature, this method which is also effectively used by Bergman, the film hits the audience that successfully. Each frame of the scenes in the Mirror film contains a natural event or a natural element, it is hard to ignore. The riddles of Tarkovsky reflect the old memories, which we recall
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In this film, Tarkovsky chose to focus on the clarity of the tear, the purity of the milk, the glow in the tree, the density of the peels, the spread of the rain drops on the leaves and on the grass.
The film has a theme of 1935. Since it contains real images of the War and the children were dressed in uniform, it directly refers to the World War II. The scene that most impresses me is that a uniformed child soldier (or candidate) has shown a meaningful stand against the war when he took a turn of 360-degree against when he is ordered to turn “backwards”.
With Mirror, which is all about Tarkovsky 's own life, the director of the film, he holds a mirror to his past and present and we look at this mirror. The film, strengthened by the poetry of his father Arseniy Tarkovsky, is dragging us into a series of literary metaphors. Especially, the narration that is combined with the visuals used in the first poem prepares the audience for the emotional intensity in the

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