Tartres Similarities

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Worlds Similar and Different from Tartres How could a world be unique from others, but similar to many? Tartres is an old-fashioned, floating island, filled with a diverse group of miserable people who are willing to work as a family with others and go through the right path. It is a peaceful community ruled by one leader, and is a world similar to some, such as Surf Island, and so distinct from others, such as Arual. To begin with, Surf Island, a world ruled by Pohakea, could fool someone into thinking that it was Tartres, in just one blink of an eye. It is an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, for relaxation, positivity, and a good time. There are no pain and danger because everyone must be honest, loyal, humble, peaceful,…show more content…
It is a volcanic island, filled with a large town, located near the Galapagos Islands, far from a floating island above the Pacific Ocean. It is filled with shops, an airport, restaurants, fire stations, and activities such as watersports, while Tartes has an environment filled with more greenery, crops, small wooden/stone buildings, and no electricity. People who are healthy, speak English, are Christian, and has a scuba certificate, could live in Arual, while anyone who would want to undo their mistakes that have led them to suffer, and feel miserable throughout their life, are accepted into Tartres. Everyone within Arual is required to get a job that pays $20 an hour in order to survive, by being able to buy food, pay for a house, etc. and will be responsible for owning a credit card by the age of 13 years old. Whereas everyone in Tartres shares, works together to grow/harvest food for the community, and help one another because there is no currency, and everyone is equal. People in Arual are also responsible for electing 4 leaders to rule Arual, unlike Tartres, when the leader is responsible for electing the next leader, for which the leader feels is responsible, loving, humble, kind, hardworking, smart, and peaceful enough to care for everyone in our community and make great choices. To sum it all up, a unique world called Tartres, has a relationship
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