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Tashima Etsuko is a highly influential ceramic artist in Japan who spearheaded the Cho Shojo Gensho (Super Girls Phenomenon), a movement that explored the construction of the feminine. These artist break the conventional style of art through the powerful expressive qualities of their artwork. Etsuko is a graduate of Osaka University of Art, and is currently a professor at the University. The elegance of her artwork has earned her high praise and following from critics and collectors. She is the recipient of the prestigious Sakuya Konohana Award by the city of Osaka, and the Takashimaya Award from the Cultural Trust Fund. Upon first glance, her artwork looks like beautiful ceramic flowers, hence the title of the exhibit “Flowers.” By combining ceramic with glass, she creates beautiful organic shapes that captivate the eye. The opacity of the glass is achieved through utilizing recycled glass from fluorescent light bulbs, and the vivid yellow hue of the ceramic is a color that Etsuko has had a certain attraction to over the years. The artist’s intentions for the piece goes further than creating beautiful…show more content…
The jigsaw like assemblage of the ceramic pieces are truly captivating, and creates a unique, organic form that dominates the space. Due to the circular shape of each ceramic piece, the entire artwork has a voluminous quality. The rich color and traditional Korean design of the ceramic pieces also gives it a sense of sophistication and value, as well as the gold seal in the crevices. This is interesting given that each of these pieces are created by discarded, broken ceramic pieces. I also appreciate her message behind these pieces, how one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. I have often seen artists use found objects such as antiques and thrift material, I have never seen an artist use discarded pieces of other artists work for their

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