Task 2: Equality And Diversity In Childcare

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Teresa Sheehy
Equality and Diversity in Childcare

Task 2

Equality and Diversity Audit
Static environment
What is in place strengths with in area?
Four small desks area is nice and bright
Chairs that match the desks full of different colours
Room is a bright yellow

Dynamic environment strengths with in area
There is two members of staff room is nice and bright with different shapes and colours
Wood flooring staff members work well together and communicate well
Different types of posters on the walls What to
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Use materials that positively reflect diversity and are free from discrimination and stereotyping.
The curriculum should be maintained to promote and develop children’s needs by Personal, social and emotional well-being: in particular by supporting the settling in period and promoting each development and providing opportunities for each child to become a valued member of that group and community so that a strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted;
Positive relationships, which are secure, responsive and respectful and which provide consistency and continuity over time, are the cornerstone of the child’s well-being.
Mutual partnership contributes to establishing harmony and continuity between the diverse environments the child experiences in the early years. The development of connections and interactions between the early childhood setting, parents, the extended family and the wider community also adds to the enrichment of early childhood experiences by reflecting the environment in which the child lives and
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