Task 2 Investigating Respiration

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Task 1 When you exhale onto a window it steams up because your breath contains water vapour and it causes water vapour to condense forming small water droplets. We breathe in oxygen and some nitrogen which is essential for life. We exhale carbon dioxide that can be tested for limewater because carbon dioxide dissolves in water to form carbonic acid (H2 C03). Glucose is a reactant of respiration. The glucose in your blood comes from carbohydrates in your food. Carbohydrates include sugar and starchy foods like: bread, pasta and rice. Keywords: Carbon dioxide, Glucose, Water, Oxygen and energy. Word and Symbol equations: Glucose + oxygen = Carbon dioxide + water C2H12O6 + 602 = 6CO2 + energy (ATP) Task 2 – Investigating Respiration You identify Carbon dioxide gas by putting a lighted wooden splint in a test tube of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide turns limewater cloudy white.…show more content…
If they are not, they will increase in concentration and may interfere with chemical reactions or damage cells. Waste products that must be removed include carbon dioxide. You test Carbon dioxide by using a lighted wooden splint in a tube of carbon dioxide and another way is to bubble the gas through limewater and carbon dioxide will turn the limewater cloudy. Task 3 – Mitochondria Mitochondria are known as the powerful parts of the cell. It is an organelle in cells that allows respiration to take place. The chemical reaction that lets out energy from glucose is called respiration. When this happens in mitochondria the body gets energy for it to work properly. Mitochondria is made of two membranes and the outer membrane covers the organelle and is like skin. Muscle cells need more mitochondria than fat cells because it needs to produce ATP. Muscle cells do more work then fat cells, so they are going to need more ATP and then need more mitochondria then
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