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Purpose: Identify the key purpose of conducing the analysis. (Points = 1) a. The main purpose of conducting a needs analysis is to discover, and then analyze the deficits and spaces for improvement in regards to the performance needs of a company/ organization. This analysis provides insight into the specific areas that could potentially be worked on to create more efficient organizations, teams and people. Use: Discuss 2 specific ways the analysis results might be useful to an organization. (Points = 1) a. The results may be useful to an organization because the outcomes it produces can provide a guideline for the training and development process (if that is what will be effective in addressing the targeted need/issue). A needs analysis points…show more content…
Task: After progressing through the six steps of a task analysis, the critical tasks and KSA’s of being an A average student were revealed. The critical tasks that were identified in regards to currently being a good student were diligently studying for exams, putting a substantial amount of effort into all assignments, effectively using my time in order to complete all assigned tasks and attend class on time, prepared and ready to participate. These main tasks that were derived from the task analysis encompass the main activities that need to be performed in order to remain a high performing student. The task analysis also revealed the required KSA’s, which include effective time management skills, organizational skills, excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to work in a team setting. In regards to myself, I believe that I perform each of these tasks well. One thing I could work on would be time management because being in course overload has provided lots of opportunities to fall behind and if I managed my time better, I could avoid some of the stress that accompanies all of the work associated with six…show more content…
Team Task: After conducting a team task analysis on myself, as a student, I realized that the main team- based competencies, skills and cognitive processes required for being an above average student are as follows: being a flexible team member and being open to others’ ideas, being cooperative, being respectful to your team members, trusting your team, having a specific knowledge of the subject and point of view that you can bring to your team, and finally, having a commitment to the overall wellbeing of the team. I believe that I show up really well in a group and encompass the majority of these processes. I could definitely work on being a bit more open minded and trusting of my group members, as I sometimes shut off and tend to do things my self because I do not trust the members of my

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