Task Based Approach In English Language Teaching

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PROPOSAL ENGLISH TEACHING METHOD APPLIED BY ENGLISH COURSE TEACHERS ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF ARTS AND CULTURE UDAYANA UNIVERSITY 2014 By: I Kadek Ari Wiguna (1201305011) CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background English has been an international language which is used and spoken around the world. English becomes the most commonly taught language. It is now taught from young age. Now, children also have the same opportunity in mastering English. Commonly, English is taught in the formal education institution like schools but today informal education institution has taken a part in spreading English. English course is one of many examples of informal education which has been an option for the students to improve their English skill…show more content…
The article is entitled “Application of Task-based Approach in English Language Teaching” which is written by Feng Yufang and Tang Xiaoyan. This article was published in 2004. This article is taken from Foreign Languages and Their Teaching Journal, volume 6, pages 008. This article discusses task-based approach which is described as a meaning-focused teaching method, aiming at fulfilling language communicative tasks. This article is much related to this study as it discusses one of the English teaching method. 2.2 Concepts Concepts presents some basic concepts which are related to the topic of the study. The concepts of this study are described below. 2.3 Theoretical Framework Theoretical framework is necessary in a study. The theoretical framework consists of the basic theory. This theory will support the data in the research as the data will be analyze by using the theory. In analyzing the language teaching method, the basic theory is taken from book “Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching” written by Jack Richards and Rodgers (1986). In the book, there three kinds of procedure of language teaching which are approach, method and technique. The three procedures are related to another. The book explains about some approaches and methods in language teaching process. There are some approaches in language teaching process based on this book, such as: a. Natural Approach A focus on comprehension and meaningful

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