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The assessment method used by organization for selecting the manager is likely to perform most effectively based by the approaches to selecting the workforce. Most organization uses appropriate approach to select which uses informal tools and procedures used for initially to reduce the pool of candidate and through a more extensive assessment process. There is different type of formal assessment the organization use for selecting the job candidates. The job analysis focus on job required by individuals which is involve a comprehensive list of work task that individual need to do their job. Based the job analysis they identify the task that workers required to do the job then they also identify the KSA’s that needed to perform the job effectively.…show more content…
Situation judgment test
II. Work sample test

KSA’s based assessment

I. Cognitive ability test
The ability involved of thinking. This ability called as “intelligent” and “general mental ability” is one of the most powerful predictors of future work performance. The cognitive ability tests mostly consist of multiple–choice item that are administered via using paper and pencil. The test contain of the various abilities (example: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, inductive reasoning) they calculate the scores based the sum up the correct answer. Then the total score represent to measure the general mental ability.
Example of logical reasoning:
a. If there are no dancers that aren’t slim and no singers that aren’t dancers, then which statements are always true?
1. There is not one slim person that isn't a dancer
2. All singers are slim
3. Anybody slim is also a singer


The tricky part of this question is that it is phrased negatively. This means that we have to identify the nature of each group initially and establish the relationship between the groups. Once the illustration is made, the relationship between the groups becomes clearer. The only true statement is that all singers are
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Your FY1 colleague who is due to replace you for the evening shift leaves a message with the nurse in charge that she will be 15 to 30 minutes late. There is only a 30 minute overlap between your timetables to handover to your colleague. You need to leave on time as you have a social engagement to attend with your partner.
Rank in order the following actions in response to this situation (1= Most appropriate; 5= Least appropriate)
A. Make a list of the patients under your care on the AAU, detailing their outstanding issues, leaving this on the doctor's office notice board when your shift ends and then leave at the end of your shift
B. Quickly go around each of the patients on the AAU, leaving an entry in the notes highlighting the major outstanding issues relating to each patient and then leave at the end of your shift
C. Make a list of patients and outstanding investigations to give to your colleague as soon as she arrives
D. Ask your registrar if you can leave a list of your patients and their outstanding issues with him to give to your colleague when she arrives and then leave at the end of your
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