Task Orientated Business Culture Essay

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Task-orientated business culture is a business culture in which the business focuses on tasks that need to be performed in order to meet certain goals, or to achieve a certain performance standard. This culture is dedicated to finishing task as a way to show respect, professionalism, and willingness to be a part of the team. They build relationship by proving that they get things done for the team. Any interruptions in the process are viewed as distractions and lack of commitment, which keep them away from forming meaningful friendships. In task-orientated business culture, the primary means of achieving one's goals is through skilfully managing tasks and time. A successful person is one who gets the job done efficiently. Decision-making is…show more content…
Employees who are afraid to break rules may not take any risks, which means that innovation may suffer. Eventually, the creative individuals may become demoralized and leave to find interesting opportunities elsewhere. For relationship business culture their challenge is that relationship building can be time consuming and not always appropriate in a task-oriented environment, where critiquing subordinates in frequently…show more content…
Leaders communicate where they want to take their companies. They also organize groups for particular tasks and ensure that group members have a clear understanding of their individual roles. The task-oriented leadership style is well suited to structured work environments, such as law enforcement and manufacturing assembly lines, in which repeating well-defined processes usually results in consistently high levels of productivity and

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