Taste Food Characteristics

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Taste food

A major role in the perception of food play its taste characteristics. In normal healthy body appetite indicate what food and nutrients organism requires. Thus, the body feels products that contain the needed nutrients more tasty.
A large portion of energy the brain receives through the sense of taste. The taste does not only affect a person's emotions, but also on her psychological and physical state.
The main flavors are; sweet, sour, salty, spicy (burning), bitter and viscous. The food should contain flavors that stimulate the body (bitter, viscous), sooth (sweet), stimulate digestion (spicy, sour, salty) and vice verse (bitter, viscous, sweet). The natural products always have the combinations of tastes. At the same time there
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It strengthens the stomach and intestinal tract; sharpens tactile sensitivity; burns excess fat. It helps to reduce body temperature. Sour food has refreshing qualities, but at the same time it increases thirst, which may lead to an excess of water and weight in the body.
Sour products increase the ability to concentrate, strengthen the will. In addition, excessive consumption of sour food leads to heartburn, skin irritation, dizziness, weakness of muscles and ligaments. Small rashes and abscesses can appear.

Salty food - salt, tomatoes, olives, seaweed - improves the process of digestion, makes food more attractive. It stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juices. Salt is a powerful cleaner of the emotional and physical toxins. Salty foods promotes the resorption of tumors and ulcers; has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It warms the body and improves mood.
Salty food makes eating too much by increasing appetite, which leads to obesity and increased blood and intracranial pressure. Excess of salt leads to inflammatory changes, rashes, fever. It causes baldness, graying, wrinkles, loss of strength. It also hypertrophies selfish desires, making them immoderate and uncontrolled, and perpetuates chronic negative emotions and toxins in the
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The poignancy is accompanied by burning, dryness and thirst. It warms the body and helps to eliminate liquids. Spicy foods helps the digestion process, eliminates toxins from the body. It has dissolved and blurry features. It cleanses the blood vessels and tissues; treats edema, respiratory diseases. Spicy food improves the condition of patients with asthma, strengthens the will. It develops the ability to react quickly, determination, self-confidence, clears clogged pores of the

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