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TATA INDICA 1. Q. No. 1. What are the key challenges faced by Tata Motors in the process of moving to produce passenger cars from successfully producing commercial vehicles? Ans: In the segment of commercial vehicles, TATA Motors was a leading player. Tata Motors, which was formerly known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company was established in the year 1945 to take over the works of Peninsular Locomotive. In 1954 Tata Motors started producing Heavy Commercial Vehicles under collaboration with Daimler-Benz. In 1981, four Japanese firms, namely, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan were allowed by the Government of India, GOI to enter the Indian market for producing light commercial…show more content…
• Also the servicing of Tata Motors was an added advantage for the newly launched models. • Tata Mobile, a cross between a car and a LCV, was launched in 1988. • In 1994, Tata motors launched the multi-utility vehicle, MUV, Tata Sumo. During the period when individuals ' auto was chosen to be brought into the business there was rivalry from three universal auto maker. They are Hyundai Motor 's "Santro", Daewoo Motors "Matiz" and Fiat India "Uno". There was an impact on value affectability as individuals are prepared to pay more for fuel proficient autos. • In request to concentrate on the universal auto market they have to have world class principles. They ought to be sufficiently capable like dealing with the inventory network so that they could incorporate items and administrations both upstream and downstream They ought to be capable deal with their partnerships in a fitting manner to broaden their business sector all inclusive without much utilizing its assets. • The most difficult part is uniting the segments and incorporating it with the assembling operations since the vast majority of the automakers are getting rid of their business of gathering…show more content…
Be that as it may, amid the time when the auto went to the business, to satisfy the discharge standards it is expected to consolidate numerous fuel infusion innovation for petrol variant. So keeping in mind the end goal to make it proficient it took inputs from La Moteur Moderne of France and as needs be the transmission outline was done at Tata Motors ERC. • With different recommendations from the associate and with its in house skill Tata Motor succeeded in building up its own particular petrol variant of Indica. • For business vehicles Tata Motors has a set up system of offers, administrations and extra parts. Be that as it may, for its autos a different appropriation and retailing system is needed. Promoting methodology should be totally unique in relation to that of business vehicles. Tata Motors went into a joint endeavor with Jardine Matheson Group of Hong Kong and built up Concorde Motors Limited (CML) so as to set benchmark against worldwide norms. One of the obligation of CML was to make mindful of a few client administration like overnight vehicle administration, exchange ins of old autos against buy of new autos. • Introduction of Auto account

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