Tata Motors: Innovation And Competitive Advantage And Strategies

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Growing customer expectations result in shorter life cycle of products and this means that companies should make their processes more and more flexible adopting modularity and product platforms in order to overcome competitors. Companies who fail to meet dynamic customer needs are doomed to fail. To illustrate this we can consider Tata Motors that designed a car selling at $2500 having identified the need for cheap vehicles and introduced market-pull innovation. Though having some negative feedbacks on its security it is affordable for many families in India. And this is a great example of competitive advantage created through advanced technology that makes the production process extremely cost-effective in response to customer needs. At…show more content…
Still finding new opportunities for improvement and creation of value is a must nowadays. The companies should understand how emerging technologies can affect their competitive advantage and strategy, how they can help them retain their customers and bring new ones and thus implement changes that will help them to play competitive. Successful innovation means that companies should match the market trends and customer expectations with internal processes and invest into…show more content…
To innovate successfully a company should develop and stimulate the culture of innovations. When the clear vision for changes is created it should be communicated to the employees to involve them into the change process. Most people do not like changes. But in every company there are people who can become leaders for innovations. The company management should search such people and develop the company environment to stimulate initiative and reward innovations. Lindegaard (InnoCentive 2013) underlines that “innovation leaders of any organization should realize that when it comes to making innovation of all types happen, people matter more than ideas. Investing in the development of people who excel at the skills of innovation will play even bigger dividends than in past”. The steps for transforming organization are given in Exhibit 9 (Kotter

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