Tata Nano Case Study

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ME 711 Manufacturing Planning and Control

Case Study on Tata Nano

Aditi Katara (13i190006)
Pranjali Yadav (13i190008)
Saloni Patel (13i190002)

Submitted to
Prof. A. Subhash Babu

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Indian Institute of technology, Bombay
23rd December 2014


This Report gives a brief description on LOW COST CARS manufacturing strategies. Various Automobile companies across the world have shown their interest in making low price cars in order to meet their customers demand ,looking at the demand trend. TATA MOTORS is one of them, by launching TATA NANO so called “Lakhtakia”.But the project was not as successful as per the company’s expectations.
This report explains TATA NANO 's manufacturing plan and also describes the reasons for failure of the project and compare their strategies with that of MARUTI 800.

Table of Contents
Sr. No. Description Page No.
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Plant Location
4. Process Details
5. Design of the Model
6. Technical Description
7. Major Parts and Suppliers
8. Specific Features
9. Comparison with Maruti 800
10. SWOT Analysis


In India, rapid economic growth and personal vehicle ownership has increased with a very high pace and hence attrack automobile companies across the world for manufacturing four wheeler vehicles that will go with an ordinary Indian

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