Tata Nano Essay

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TATA Nano:
The TATA Nano is a car for the city that was manufactured by TATA Motors. A car made and sold in India, it was initially priced at Rs.100000 owing to the promise the then Chairman, Ratan Tata had made to the consumers. This price was later increased owing to many reasons. The conceptualization of the car was a result of Ratan Tata’s dream of providing the Indian middle class with an all season safe transport. After the successful launch and sales of Tata Ace, Tata motors started working on manufacturing an affordable four wheeler as an alternative to the two wheelers. The purchase price of this no frills auto was brought by dispensing off with most nonessential features, with very little steel used in the car. Also, Tata relied on the cheap
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They will have to address any customer pain points in every step of the process and look to improve customer experience.
As per a recent article in the Economic times, a five point strategy for Nano was proposed. I stand by some of the ideas proposed by it, and it would do Tata Motors good to look into some of the ideas and suggestions.
• Youth focus: Tata have now teamed up with well-known fashion designers and changed the face of Tata Nano. The awesomeness ad campaign has tried to make Nano a cool car to own, a trendy funky car to own. This is a good step in the future and consolidation of such efforts with more complimentary features in the car would do well.
• A fresh positioning: Tata now has to take steps and move out of the people’s car and the world’s cheapest car tag and move into a more holistic car experience positioning. The new attempt to position it as a smart city car is a smart move. A small car that can manoeuvre snarling city traffic is a bane in today’s cities. A concentrated effort in this regard and promoting such aspects of the car would augur well for Tata
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