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Anchored in India and committed to its traditional values of leadership with trust, the Tata group is spreading its footprint globally through excellence and innovation The Tata group’s revenues for 2007-08 from its international operations were $38.3 billion, which constitutes 61 per cent of its total revenues. Each operating company in the group develops its international business as an integral element in an overall strategy, depending on the competitive dynamics of the industry in which it operates. Exports from India remain the cornerstone of the Tata group’s international business, but different Tata companies are increasingly investing in assets overseas through greenfield projects(such as in South Africa, Bangladesh and Iran), joint…show more content…
It normally identify and project business firm’s strength and weakness in two ways, firstly it provide an easy and effective way to make comparative study of present performance with past, secondly it identify and depict the areas in which a particular business is competitively advantaged or disadvantaged through comparing ratios to those of other business of the same size within the same industry. They are also used for inter firm and intra firm comparison and will also be used in financial planning and decision making. They are helpful in deciding upon the right investment strategy in a particular sector through analysis of economy, industry and company. But they will be effective only when they are compared with ratios of the base period or which standards or with the industry…show more content…
INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY History of Indian automobile industry shows that it has grown with leaps and bounds since 1898, a time when a car had touched the Indian streets for the first time. But now India is in verge to rewrite history in different conditions as it is home to 40 million passenger vehicles and Indian manufactured cars and other automobile products are touching other nation roads. Presently Indian automobile industry is regarded as largest and second fastest growing industry after China in the world with annual production of over 3.9 million units. Its passenger cars and commercial vehicle manufacturing industry ranked sixth largest in the world. One of the best things happen for the Indian automobile market in the recent years was its improvement in the export sector. In the year 2003-04 for the first time in Indian history vehicle worth more than 1 billion USD were exported with the growth rate of 56%. In the year 2009 India emerged fourth largest exporter of passenger cars, in 2010 with the production of more than 3.7 million automotive vehicles with an increase of 33.9% India became third largest exporter of passenger cars. It contributes 4% of the national GDP and accounts for 5% of the Indian industrial output. With employing 13 million people directly or indirectly it has become one of the major employment generators in the country, with the present growth trend it is expected that employment will double by

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