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Abstract The objective of this project is to determine and prepare an event plan for the launch of car Tata Zest by analyzing current market demand according to the the people of various groups and so as to attract them toward the new model of TATA – Tata Zest . So in this project the various analyses regarding to the launch of Tata Zest has been explained. By this i concluded that a perfect launch of any product in the market requires a pre planned marketing strategy, so that it can get a long term success. And also if we look at the aspect of marketing technically then, whenever a marketer creates, the key to creating brand is to distinguish it from the other brands in each and every aspect. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT…show more content…
There’s a particular improvement in the quality of the materials that are used. The layout of the dashboard is very attractive. The cabin looks spacious that is enough for an average Indian family. This model of Tata have two options of the engine. One is the 1.3-litre Quadrajet motor and the second is the 1.2-litre Revotron turbo-charged petrol engine. The modes make a small difference and are friendly in our driving conditions. The overall driving dynamics of this car is very surprising. Its acceleration in the sports mode is sharp with turbo at around 1800rpm and pulling excellently till 6000rpm. The driving of this is awesome on city roads as well as the highways. The overall experience of Tata Zest is the suspension setup. After all this, the car have good grip of tyres as it has the new engine power steering system. This is the reason it runs smooth on all kinds of roads. By over viewing at all the features of this car one can easily say that it is one of the best competitors till date. It can easily give a great competition to the Asian car manufacturers. By the launch of Tata zest, Tata group is once again able to bring the customers back to them. The exterior design as well as the interiors of the car is very attractive. Last but not the least its smooth ride, easy handling and spacious

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