Tattoo Impact On Society

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Times have changed on how we operate and the way we think and as such, we must adapt as individuals and as an organization if we want to continue to set the standard. As tattoos have become a part of the societal norm, restrictions must be put in place in order to maintain good order and discipline. Tattoos are becoming more and more socially acceptable throughout our society and as the acceptance and popularity continues to grow, the want by each individual to self-express and standout from one another will continue to push the boundaries in order to self-express one’s individuality. As the boundaries on tattoos are pushed, so is the social perception at that point in time. So, as a professional organization there must be some regulations…show more content…
Though, it is true that having a tattoo in any location does not affect the discipline, performance, and work ethic of an individual. Rather than looking at it as each individual, look at it as that individual belonging to a team, and the team belonging to the overall organization. Each individual has an impact on the overall climate and discipline of the organization. The content of the and what the tattoo stands for can have a variety of meanings and if unregulated some of those meanings can provide a negative perception. For example: What if a marine had tattoo of a swastika on the forearm and “White Pride” on the neck; how about a gang affiliated tattoo; or a tattoo displaying genitals? What impression do you get from that marine? What if several marines were displaying one of previously mentioned tattoos? Even though we are all are allowed to have our own opinion, we aren’t necessarily allowed to voice those opinions while in uniform. So, there should be no difference, if our thoughts and opinions are allowed to be voiced by the content of the tattoo. The important thing to look at is how the content is perceived and the impact it has on the climate, good order and discipline of the organization. It is the perceived meaning by others that determines how each member communicates, treats one another, as well as how other societies and groups interpret the content. Therefore, the content of a tattoo and its perceived…show more content…
Set the uniform standard, in order to maintain the values of “Honor, Courage, and Commitment” that our organization truly embodies as well as maintaining our traditions. The standard we should allow and individual to self-express who they are, but at the same time represents the organization as one that is comprised of highly disciplined professionals. The placing of tattoos on any part of the body is becoming more and more socially acceptable, but for many groups it is still seen in a negative light and can determine the relationship we have established as an organization. Because, of what we do and how we interact with other groups around the globe, the placement of the tattoo on the body should be regulated. The regulation should restrict the placement of tattoos on the following areas: head, neck, hands and the size of a visible tattoo.
In essence if tattoos are left unregulated, we are allowing each individual that decides to get a tattoo, to communicate their ideals and thoughts via the tattoo vice what the organization truly embodies. Setting the right regulations for the right reasons will continue to maintain the high standard of good order and discipline that is expected from the professional
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