Pros And Cons Of Tattoo Essay

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Allow the tattoo to heal completely before shaving again and leave it unshaven until there is no scabbing or peeling of skin. While shaving around the tattoo, make sure to see the shaving foam, cream or hair does not infect the tattoo area. On starting shaving the area again, make sure to moisturize it thoroughly later helping to keep the skin healthy. Do not scratch only pat if the tattoo itches. Do not pick at scabs, rub it or press it. Stay out of the sun as sunlight can discolor the tattoo. Do not apply a sunscreen on the tattoo. Avoid salt water as it can cause a fresh wound to sting and leave it vulnerable to infections and fading. Sometimes, for one reason or another, a tattoo may require some re-inking and returning to the tattooist…show more content…
It is difficult for us to identify the class of the tattooist. Purchase and use of dubious equipment and products, reusing needles, can lead to fatal diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS. In between, the two extremes are most of the tattoo artists, who may just not have any artistic talent to execute their tattoos, even with the tattoo outlines, provide attractive colors, and their drawing perspectives in proportion. It is better to trust our instinct and stay away if the artist’s works is inappropriate or lacks a pleasant composition. Remember tattooing could literally lead one to death without use of proper procedures. Strict sterilization of needles and equipment to prevent cross-contamination and spread of disease is of paramount importance. Note blood pathogens can kill tattoo clients. If the tattoo studio does not look clean walk, right out of the door as one cannot meet sterile conditions in certain environments. Everything related to applying the tattoo (ink, needles, latex gloves, wooden sterile spreader, etc.) should be disposable or sterile. Ideally, the tattoo artist should have had a vaccination for Hepatitis B, unfortunately, since this is not easy to find out, for safety sake make sure to have a vaccination before receiving a new
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