Tattooing Research Paper

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Tattooing has dated back to before christ and has been used in several different ways throughout time. These tattoos have been used as prison markings, military identification, and now just for symbolic meanings. Altering of opinions on this art type has dramastic been changed over the decades and has bonded close friends or served as a remembrance of lost ones. Throughout time criminals and inmates have gotten tattoos representing their crimes. The documenting of their crimes, beliefs, and even the length of their sentence. Later on in history criminals became against against tattoos. Showing the cops all of the crimes you 've committed didn’t seem like the best thing to brag about. Even with the dislike of tattoos the percent of criminals with tattoos skyrocketed. Estimated 90% of criminals have a tattoo somewhere on there body. Negative thoughts come from fellow inmates on what tattoos you have and can cause issues. These vary from gang related to even country symbolism. These symbols vary anywhere from teardrops, clocks with no hands, or even eyes on your stomach. Teardrops can vary from outlined meaning murder was attempted but not completed. The tattoo can be filled meaning that the murder was successful. Clocks without hands are meaning long sentences…show more content…
Early 1900’s sailors returning from distant lands had skin souvenirs. These tattoos vary from memorials, groups, or even locations of deployment. Even with the numbers of military servicemen estimated 90% of soldiers also have tattoos. Modern day tattoos can be almost anything. Anywhere from your favorite television, sporting team, or lost loved ones. New designs have freshened up the tattoo business and have young teens flocking. Tattooing is not just a job but it 's a way for memories to live on even when much time has past. Your life can be documented on your body. Even with tattooing being around for so long new techniques and designs are always
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