Tattoos And Piercings Essay

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Debates and arguments appear useless without a strong sense of rhetoric tied within. Rhetorical devices are used in persuasive writing or speech in order to make the point clearer, as well as stronger. When considering the controversial topic of whether tattoos and piercings are appropriate in the workplace, the argument could not stand alone without substantial techniques applied. Two opposing sides, “10 Wrong Reasons Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace are Covered” from and “Should Tattoos be Allowed in the Workplace?” from, shows how debaters approach many different styles to build a proper argument. After analyzing the rhetorical devices of the two different perspectives regarding the issue of tattoos and piercings in the workplace, and have established their arguments through organization, appealing to logic or emotions, and connecting to the real world. When considering the organization and layout of a piece, applied the list format to get their…show more content…
The website reports findings from a survey conducted to use in their argument as well. “42% of those surveyed feel any and all visible tattoos are inappropriate at work.” By providing these numbers, readers digest the information given and grasp how much of an affect tattoos or piercings may have on their workplace environment. Another strong statistic is seen when a breakdown of age groups is given.’s survey reports that “ people age 26-32 edged out the 18-25 demographic by a 22% to 21% margin.” and “ ..less than 1% for people age 60 and older.” This information helps readers confirm which generations appeal more to tattoos or piercings. Adding logic to the argument, puts a perspective on how tattoos and piercings branch out in terms of acceptance or age group, and in turn makes their argument more effective by using numerical
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