Should Tattoos Be Allowed In The Workplace Essay

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Debates and arguments appear useless without a strong sense of rhetoric tied within. Rhetorical devices are used in persuasive writing or speech in order to make the point clearer, as well as stronger. When considering the controversial topic of whether tattoos and piercings are appropriate in the workplace, the argument could not stand alone without substantial techniques applied. Two opposing sides, “10 Wrong Reasons Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace are Covered” from and “Should Tattoos be Allowed in the Workplace?” from, shows how debaters approach many different styles to build a proper argument. After analyzing the rhetorical devices of the two different perspectives regarding the issue of tattoos and piercings…show more content… connects the major points of their article and shows how it is applicable, and comparable, to real life for the audience. During point 8, the article is trying to show how tattoos and body modifications, such as horns, tongue splitting, or implants, differ from piercings and don’t even fall under the same category. It discusses how this appearance is often frightening for some people to view, but these modifications are occasionally part of certain cultural practices. It goes on to show that some concepts are going to be frightening no matter what. “ Haunted houses and scary movies are terrifying to individuals regardless of culture or geographic location.” When comparing a regular piercing to a body modification, the website proves to readers that some appearances are often more uncomfortable than others but it just depends on the individual. Within point 3 of the piece, the argument that tattoos are a health hazard is discussed. counteracts this argument by comparing tattoos to any other cut or injury. “...a tattoo is no different from any other abrasion or cut on the skin and should be bandaged to the same degree an abrasion of a similar level would be bandaged.” Adding this claim to the argument lessens the severity of a tattoo being a health hazard when it is compared to an everyday injury a non-tattooed employee could
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