Taviana's Analysis

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Moving forward, the abandoned archetype teaches the problems that emerge from being inflexible. Taviana flees her home life and fends for herself in modern society alone before her life in Unity. Taviana recalls, “That’s when the police started dragging me to group homes, and then juvenile jail, but the situation never changed. As soon as I was released, I was right back on the streets. It was the only thing I knew how to do” (Hrdlitschka 56). Companionless, Taviana emerges herself deeper in a negative and unhealthy lifestyle as no one is able to understand her. She refuses to change her ways even with the help of police taking her out of an unstable household. She finds comfort in illegal actions so that is all she will do, completely disregarding the thought of rising above. She has the ability within her to…show more content…
Thor is also left to adapt to modern society trends that are foreign to him despite his father refusing to recognize his logic. The hypocrisy in that is nasty and brutal to Thor. Nevertheless, the Prophet and Odin have different incentives from the suffering Taviana and Thor encounter. The Prophet has the community’s best interest in mind when disciplining Taviana as her dismissal keeps Unity safe and undercover from constables. However, Taviana is in a vulnerable situation where criminal activity is tempting; Unity wrongfully tosses Taviana to the streets and the Prophet does not care for Taviana. Contrastingly, Thor’s deportation benefits him as he learns ethics, superior morals and the virtue of humility as he endures a tough grind to earn the honourable title. In spite of the ruthless punishment, Odin always holds Thor’s best interest in mind. In brief, the abandoned archetype is easy to sympathize but humanity fails to seek the truth in their abandonment, characters are too stubborn to change destructive lifestyles; ultimately leads to a physical change of environment to force personal development and force characters to surrender their
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