Tavorus: A Short Story

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One day me and my friends Tavorus,Cree,Dream,and Romello robbed a jewelry store.Now Tavorus has been in a juvenile home most of his life and just got out 3 months ago.Cree just moved up here from California.His mom sent him here because she couldn’t keep him from out of trouble,so she was hoping his dad could.Now Dream has been in prison for the past 3 years for Attempted Murder,but he beat the case.Romello was an all a student that didn’t get in any trouble,but after his mother died.His mother died in a car wreck on I-75 going to visit his grandmother.Now me i just live a normal 19 year old lifestyle,but i tend to get caught up with the wrong bunch.And what we 're about to do is about to be real messed up.I don 't know why we 're doing this, but lets just say that we 're doing…show more content…
So we get to the bank, and we got in the Ford F-150 ready to scoop us when the job is done.So me and Dream we 're the ones robbing the bank while Tavorus is waiting outside to be on the lookout for anyone,no one gets in or out unless I say so.So me and Dream stumbled in and I act like I was getting a withdraw, but I was trying to get a good look where all the secuirity cameras were so I could spray them out.Then I hear Dream fire the gun then I knew we were in action.I told the cashier she had exactly 3 minutes and 15 seconds to put all the money in the duffle bag, and when the time was up she had all the money in there an extra 5 seconds early. Now after that we scrambled like eggs and hopped in the truck.After 30 minutes straight running from the cops we finally settled down and counted all the money.We had almost a million dollars, but not quiet. The exact amount we had was $987,543.And us with all that money we knew the police were gonna be after us bad.So all of us splitted up and went our seperate ways with our money.Ten years later.Ten years later we all were doing good,we had a family and a big house in the hills.Thats the story of four young men who had got away with robbing a
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