Tax Fraud In The United States

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Tax Fraud When analyzing the history of the United States, many countries modeled their nations based on the U.S structure of government. However, when concerning power inequality rates and violence tend to damage the U.S economy. The contrast between the rich and the poor is more prevalent as opposed to earlier in American history. Thus, the key components to be a successful state include: war making, state making, protection and extraction. Before the 1980’s President Roosevelt’s New Deal policy had the economy flourishing and businesses booming. However, during the 1980’s the United States inequality rates rose, which lead to the Great Depression and World War II. This influx in the market was due to corporations in the U.S not paying…show more content…
For example in 2008, the economic recession caused the U.S to lose dominance over the nation and allowed for Japan and Europe to gain more authority (Yates 10). The effects of the Great Depression caused a ripple effect in the progress of the United States economy. Moreover, when analyzing the United States financial history, results show that the 1980’s was a turning point in the U.S economy, which lead to the stock market crash in 2008. Theorist Thomas Piketty in his book Capital In The 21st Century, he advocated that the key reason for inequality rates increasing was due to tax cuts. Thus, if the legislature finances their capital then the wealthy should pay a sufficient share of the governments taxes. However, when concerning the financial state of the economy Piketty advocates that, “high compensation in the U.S today has little to do with managers’ productivity and almost everything to do with the cozy relationship between managers and corporate boards.” (Boundreaux 288). This statement means that the government works closely with corporations to aide them with tax cuts. Hence, in the 1980’s when businesses competed, because the market economy was already diminishing wages and benefits declined as profits enlarged, which created inflation (Yates 10). However, this oligopolistic form of competition soon was…show more content…
For example, the United States assimilates their assets and compromises with foreign nations to enable the U.S to transfer their funds into offshore accounts (Jeffers 99). Furthermore, government corporations stay under the radar and avoid paying their federal income tax because they negotiate with foreign nations. Since, the 1980’s financial crisis, citizens in the U.S were galvanized under a common theme that “we are the 99%” (Yates 11). This statement reveals that individuals desired to expose corporations for not paying their income taxes. When analyzing movements in today’s society such as: US Uncut and Occupy Wall Street individuals believed that the government is evil. The US Uncut’s main objective is to make citizens aware that there is a “revenue problem” in the United States (Tierney 1). By corporations giving incentives to Congress, the government overlooks the fact that businesses do not pay federal income
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