Junk Food Tax

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Is the Tax on Junk Food Important in Kuwait? There is no doubt that the tax is very important nowadays. Junk food tax is a fee or additional tax, which sets on the unhealthy food that contain fat and lead people to be obese. Most of the countries such as the Hungary, France and Denmark have a tax on their junk food. In addition, Peru and Ireland planned to start a junk food tax. According to a recent study a junk food tax is aimed to reduce the number of people that addicted to eat junk food. Unfortunately, The disadvantages of junk food tax that people going to pay for eating a junk food which can consider as a wasting of the money for some people, but it will be an advantage point at the same time because that eventually will lead to…show more content…
Otherwise, it has a great advantage in increase the country income which will have great advantages to the country and that can lead the country to the summit by developing and building with that money. A research shows that Kuwait is one of the counties that have a high rate of eating junk foods which will consider a new source of income instead of oil, and it will be a really perfect source because will never stop eating junk foods even if there is a tax in Kuwait. In addition, Kuwait can use the on developing the street or improve the health services at the end it will have an advantages to the society. But there is a problem that who are going to set the rules of the tax, and how he can follow a method that work with all restaurants. Also, how they will evaluate every food or drinks in any restaurant to know if that product are healthy or unhealthy. Also, if the product contains some fat or not. For example, if a person going to buy a Mac Chicken from McDonald's or a Chicken from any other restaurant, what is the method that can be used to set a tax for the restaurant. In addition, even if they will check any product and will be able to check every product which is impossible, for sure there is will be discriminatory to some restaurant and there is a few restaurants that have a wasta or a friend with some inspectors, so they will been avoided by the inspectors from checking them. Also, it may reduce the income of some restaurant which can lead the companies to close their restaurant because they can't pay for the rent and the staff that working on the restaurant which may lead to more problems such as reducing the tourism because Kuwait have some great restaurant which is attracting some people from another country especially from Saudi Arabia and that may affect the income of the country again because the tourism will be reduced.
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