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Do you know how to file taxes? Do you know how to pay mortgage? Do you know how buy a house and pay the bills? It’s okay because I don’t either, and that's why we need to take a basic life skills test before we graduate high school. Us teenagers are going to be graduating soon. We are going to be figuring out our lives after we graduate. The decisions we make our going to create who we will be in the future, so I say we learn how to go into the future the right way. Now that you all know why I think my topic is important let’s go through some reasons. My first reason is you have more responsibilities as an adult and us teenagers need to know how to take care of them. One thing we will have to take care of when we get older is learning how to maintain a budget. How are you going to be successful without knowing how to maintain your money? When you are ready to move out of the house away from parents or guardians you're going to have to pay and buy your own…show more content…
Those reasons and examples show us teenagers why we need to be educated on our future. Now that we know how much were going to have to process when we get older, and how we will have to do most things on our own let’s go ahead and get educated on our futures, so that we won’t have to be surprised when we go off on our own. Be thankful that you have the chance to be educated on the importance of all these things. My quote that I found says these words “Don’t be afraid to start over it’s a new chance to rebuild what you want”. This quote is important because if you don’t do as well in high school as you wanted to do it doesn’t mean you can’t start fresh when you graduate. In other words if you think this idea is dumb it probably is, but it’s also dumb that we don’t know how to do all of these things already. So instead of doing good or bad in highschool let’s just start on the right page as adults. Thanks for listening

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