Tax Synthesis Essay

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Governments need to tax its citizens in order to protect and serve them. Many politicians vehemently debate which taxation methods the government should or should not utilize. Most members of the United States of America pay taxes every year. No wonder taxes play a major role in politics. According to popular belief, we procure an income tax because it provides the best way to tax citizens. Pete Sepp, communications director for the Virginian-based Taxpayers Union, says that “we feel that income taxes are among the most economically destructive as well as politically deceptive ways to raise revenue” (qtd. in Jeffs). What most Americans do not realize is that an income tax actually cripples the poor. Companies mark up prices because the businesses…show more content…
Richard K. Armey says that multiple politicians have put forth their own tax code ideas, but Armey thinks we should support one that is “simple, fair, and pro-growth.” The one in place does not live up to either of these standards. It is not simple, in fact Dan Schaefer declares that the taxation system is too complicated and long. He notes that the government has “amended, repealed, or added to more than 4,000 sections of the code” (Schaefer). Neither is it fair or pro-growth; Allyson Jeffs believes that companies make their decisions based on whether or not they can dodge the income tax. Armey also notes that “the tax code actually punishes savings and investment, by placing double or even triple tax burdens on capital. This lowers wages, destroys jobs, and depresses the living standards of all Americans.” The tax code needs to be reformed and a national sales tax is the best way to fix things. Although opponents may claim that it is regressive, the United States of America should reform its tax code by replacing income tax with sales tax because a national sales tax would cause our industry to grow, revolutionize our work force, and eliminate tax
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